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Botanisk Have

Address: Botanisk Have

Botanical Garden & Museum is situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The garden is a living museum and room for the largest collection of living plants in Denmark. The main purpose is to maintain a taxonomically, geographically and esthetical diverse collection of plants to be used in research and teaching and for public information. The museum holds one of the largest herbaria of plants and fungi from all over the world.

About the Botanical Garden & Museum

The Botanical Garden & Museum shall contribute to increase our knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the plant and fungal kingdoms and through a better knowledge promote the interest for national and global nature and its conservation.

The Botanical Garden & Museum is divided into three major parts:

The Botanic Garden houses the largest collection of living plants in Denmark and the only seed and gene bank for plants from nature.
The Botanical Museum has the largest collections in Denmark of dried plants and fungi.
The Botanical Library has the largest collection of botanical literature in Denmark and is part of the public library service.

The purposes of Botanical Garden & Museum are:
to maintain, develop and increase the scientific collections of living and dried plants and fungi in agreement with the best international practice and conventions,
to make the collections and the knowledge related to these available for research, education and public outreach,
to maintain and increase the library's collection of books, journals and records,
to undertake research predominantly related to the collections,
to participate in the tutoring of students mainly at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels,
to promote knowledge of the conservation of plants and fungi nationally and globally,
to promote knowledge of plants and fungi and an interest in national and global nature through public exhibitions and related activities of an informative and activating character.

The Botanical Garden is open to the public

The garden has many visitors, old and young, enjoying the nature in the centre of the city. The purpose of the garden is research, unlike the other gardens and parks in the city. Therefore, it is not allowed to run, to ride a bicycle, climb the trees, stay on or walk on the lawns, pick the flowers or picnic. To maintain the garden's purposes a set of regulations has been introduced for the visitors. In this way we do what is possible to take optimal care of the plants.

Admission is free.
Read more on the pages with Regulations, Opening hours etc.

The Botanical Garden & Museum
Garden office: Øster Farimagsgade 2 B, 1353 Copenhagen K
Museum: Gothersgade 130, 1353 Copenhagen K

Main entrance to the garden: Gothersgade 128,
Other entrance: Øster Farimagsgade 2 C
Entrance to the museum: from the garden or from Gothersgade 130


Botanisk Have Map

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