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Address: Ravnsborggade

Is the 2nd street on your right, after you cross the lakes from the downtown area. It's mostly famous for it's large number of Antique stores, covering every price range, and which in the summer months expand their stores out on the sidewalk. But it also has a fair amount if small and interesting fashion stores to breeze through - many of these are the fashion designers own stores. The streets commercial association runs it's own website www.ravnsborggade.dk, and also arranges flea markets serveral times a year (dates are posted on the website). Please note that only stores with their own websites are listed here, in order of street numbers - there are many more options to choose from, including on the side streets where Antik Hallen (The Antique hall) on Sortedams Dossering by the lakes deserves a special mention.


66°North Iceland (Fashion), Ravnsborg Tv?rgade 3B, www.66shop.dk.Tu-Th 11AM-5.30PM,F 11AM-6PM,Sa 10AM-2PM. This store run by anIcelandic company, sell's high performance adventure clothing, mainlyfor cold conditions, and has both a men's and a ladies section.

Strand Galleriet (Gallery), Ravnsborggade 5, ? +45 20 55 58 06, www.strand-galleriet.dk.Th-Sa 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. A nice little gallery run by a couple fromWestern Jutland, hence the rather odd name (The Beach Gallery). Niceattitudes, and friendly staff - let's locals borrow paintings home, andsee if it fits with their home.

Bau Antiques, Ravnsborggade 5B, ? +45 35 35 92 13, www.bauantik.dk.M-F 11AM-5.50PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. Mainly sells smaller items, like lamps,glass and porcelain, but also has a few furniture items.

Nees + Schelde (Shoes), Ravnsborggade 6, ? +45 35 36 11 00, www.nees-schelde.dk.M-F 11AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. Equips girls with their 2nd best friend(after the diamonds) - shoes, hand picked and imported by the ownersfrom Spain, France and Italy.

Antikviteter & Kuriosa (Antiques), Ravnsborggade 10, ? +45 35 36 62 56, www.kuriosa.dk/antikviteter.M-Th 10AM-3PM,F 10AM-6PM,Sa 10AM-2PM. With 45 years in the business,this guy seems to be knowing what he's doing, and his specialty isbrass.

Veirhanen (Antiques), Ravnsborggade 12, ? +45 35 35 31 42, veirhanen.dk.hours pending research. This store has a large catalog and a welldeveloped website - with most of the items for sale posted online.

Kim Antons & Co Antique, Ravnsborggade 14A, ? +45 35 37 06 24, www.antons.dk.M-F 09.30AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. One of the more exclusive stores,dealing primarily with furniture from the 19th century, and pricesmostly going from 5000 DKK and up (way up)

ABC Antiques, Ravnsborggade 15, ? +45 35 37 01 58, www.abcantik.dk.M-F 11AM-5.30PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. This is one of the more cozy stores on thestreet, with wide variety from furniture to decor, and pieces going allthe way between 18th century and modern classics time wise.

Phenix Antiques, Ravnsborggade 16A, ? +45 35 37 55 33, www.phenixx.dk.M-F 11AM-5.30PM Sa 10AM-1PM. Another Antique store, nicely laid out,with a large section in the basement with Ikea like room sections inthe basement.

Bungalow (Textiles), Ravnsborggade 17, ? +45 35 85 40 65, www.bungalow.dk.Tu-F 11AM-5PM,Sa 11AM-2PM. Bungalow has a large collection of homedecor and textiles imported directly from India by the owner, but alsosells other textiles in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Diamonds & Pearls (Anitques), Ravnsborggade 17, ? +45 35 39 00 89, www.diamondsandpearlsvip.com.hours pending research. Large selection of both antique, modern andsecond hand jewelry, a really competent staff, and some very uniquepieces around.

Riktigt (Fashion), Ravnsborggade 17C, ? +45 35 36 18 13, www.riktigt.dk.M-F 11AM-6PM,Sa 11AM-3PM. A cozy small woman's fashion store, with theline by the same name as the boutique being hand made in a small roomin the back of the store, by owner and designer Rikke Refsb?k.

Stig P (Fashion), Ravnsborggade 18, ? +45 35 35 75 00, www.stigp.aok.dk.M-Th 11AM-6PM,F 11AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-4PM. Fashion store for women, carryingboth Stig P's own brand, and serveral other international brands. As atwist, in spirit with the street, this store also sells antiqueKimono's from Japan.

Ingerslev Antiques, Ravnsborggade 22, ? +45 35 37 88 89, www.ingerslevantik.dk.M-F 11.30AM-5.30PM,Sa 11.30AM-3PM. A cozy antique store running on it's17th year, where the dust in the corners and the general mess, are partof the concept - and you can choose wether to have a chat with theowner, or just breeze the store without feeling obliged to buyanything.

Birte Magnussen Antiques, Ravnsborggade 22, ? +45 35 24 16 30, www.birtemagnussen.dk. hours pending research. shop information pending research.


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