Athens Map with start from Thision Metro Station
1) Thision Metro Station (start tour) 11) Zeus Temple (Stiles Olympiou Dios)
2) Entrance to Arcaelogical sites of Acropolis 12) Panathinaic Stadium
3) Temple of Hephaestus 13) Zapion Megaron
4) Agora 14) National Garden
5) Attalos Stoa - Thision Museum 15) Syntagma Square
6) Entrance to Acropolis Hill 16) Plaka's Area
7) Parthenon and other sites 17) Romean Forum (Romaiki Agora)
8) Theater of Irodou Attikou 18) Monastiraki Area
9) Theater of Dionysos 19) Monastiraki Metro Station (back to Pireaus)
10) New Acropolis Museum (opening June 20th 2009) This route has been calculated at around 6-7 hours. We should anticipate, and routes from the ship and the metro (about 1-1 1/2 hours)
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